Meaning of minded in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌɪndɪd/

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in combination or with submodifier
  • 1Inclined to think in a particular way.

    ‘sustainability-minded professionals’
    • ‘I'm not scientifically minded’
    • ‘In the American sub-culture of scientifically minded people, Darwin has become a symbol of reason, scientific inquiry, and - yes - evolution.’
    • ‘So have two paintings by Joseph Wright of Derby, ordered directly from the scientifically minded midlands artist's studio.’
    • ‘Hall's view that scientifically minded girls thrive in single-sex classes is confirmed by women scientists.’
    • ‘How, then, should a scientifically minded investigator assess her testimony in contrast to Mom's account of events?’
    • ‘There's no easy way fully to understand the mental processes of a dreamy minded kid, though, especially one who was of poetic leanings.’
    • ‘Lots of plastic miniatures add to the fun and while there are plenty of dice to be rolled there's enough strategy to keep the more serious minded gamer interested.’
    • ‘They are the thinkers, the overachievers, the rational, problem solving, liberal minded, intellectual elite.’
    • ‘A great bonus for all teams would be the addition of strappers and/or medically minded persons for the purpose of treating injuries on game days.’
    • ‘This arrangement was not received with cries of joy from my very conventionally minded parents, understandably perhaps, as I was their only daughter.’
    • ‘Especially students in a school like Las Vegas Academy, which is designed to accommodate more creative, artistically minded students.’
    • ‘For the technically minded, they are indulging in metonymy; they confuse the map and the territory, the name and the object, and the man with his office.’
    • ‘That's what I'm looking for: a liberal minded centrist.’
    • ‘Championship will bring its own pressures, and for even the most liberal minded teams and managers, whatever needs to be done to win will be done.’
    • ‘I must have been around 12 years old when my liberal minded parents handed me over the fundamentalist Christians.’
    • ‘Commercially minded subcontractors were hiring quantity surveyors to review payments from main contractors.’
    • ‘He has employed another more commercially minded architect, David Childs, to work with Libeskind and bash the plans into shape.’
    • ‘There is always one who is far less commercially minded than the other, forever wanting to decorate their investment, or personalise it.’
    • ‘It marks the coming together of an increasingly internationally minded avant-garde theatre scene.’
    • ‘In Taiwan, he fell in with a group of creatively minded people, one of whom asked him to film an ethnomusicological documentary he was making.’
    • ‘Economically minded and a visionary, he was looking for something that would give the community an economic boost.’
    willing, prepared, pleased, inclined, agreeable, disposed, predisposed, minded, of a mind, in the mood, apt, prone, given, likely
    1. 1.1in combination Interested in or enthusiastic about a particular thing.
      • ‘conservation-minded citizens’