Meaning of mindfully in English:



See mindful

‘You vow to never mindfully commit such errors again?’
  • ‘Does exposing the destructive impact of cults challenge the principle of religious freedom of citizens to mindfully join nontraditional religious groups?’
  • ‘But they do have an implicit and unique perspective on the universe, and spirituality is living self-consciously and mindfully with this sort of perspective in mind.’
  • ‘Congress could find ways to encourage people to consume mindfully and produce mindfully, instead of creating products that can bring toxins and craving into the hearts and bodies of people.’
  • ‘I enjoyed that chocolate in a way I've never enjoyed chocolate before, simply because I ate my share slowly, methodically and mindfully.’



/ˈmʌɪn(d)fʊli/ /ˈmʌɪn(d)fəli/