Meaning of mindlessness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌɪndlɪsnɪs/


See mindless

‘With our fear, ignorance, alienation, mindlessness, indifference, and fragmentation we do not realize that such beliefs are not natural.’
  • ‘But the US and Britain's continued wilful refusal to accept culpability for the development of the psychological despair that led to this horrific act constitutes mindlessness truly worthy of the name.’
  • ‘Even today, thousands of acres of western Kabul lie in rubble, and visitors who tour it are invariably stunned by the scale, and mindlessness, of the destruction.’
  • ‘A flip through the bibliographic references in the catalogue gives an insight into the stunning mindlessness of the actually existing Berlin memorial scene.’
  • ‘True patriots, like the ones who founded this country, would never accept such mindlessness.’