Meaning of mine detector in English:

mine detector


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  • An instrument used for detecting explosive mines.

    ‘By 1943 the Axis were beginning to use non-metallic mines to defeat the Allied mine-detectors.’
    • ‘The equipment exported included mine-detectors, tank components, global positioning devices, explosives and military vehicles.’
    • ‘Then the mine-detector operator who was working in that area yelled for help, so we knew that something had happened.’
    • ‘They made products such as mine-detectors for use in Iraq and motors for use in weapons guidance systems.’
    • ‘Children had a chance to use the mine-detector equipment, searching for coins buried in the grass.’
    • ‘Other bomb-clearing methods in Fallujah include using the Meerkat, a South African remote-controlled mine-detector controlled from a huge, heavily armoured vehicle called a Buffalo.’