Meaning of mine host in English:

mine host


  • The landlord or landlady of a pub.

    ‘mine host raised his glass of whisky’
    • ‘As well as his player of the year trophy, Fairclough won £350 courtesy of sponsors The Unique Pub Co - mine host to pubs in York and across the country - with runner-up Christian Fox earning £150.’
    • ‘Inside, brass plaques still warn of the penalties of under-age drinking and the whereabouts of the conveniences, and mine host serves welcoming tea and coffee from behind a stout wooden bar.’
    • ‘‘Sometimes we do,’ said mine host, ‘but as you are a special guest we thought you'd like it neat.’’
    • ‘No one listened as telly pundits Lineker, Hanson and O'Neill droned on, and then, as the teams lined up, mine host killed the volume and put on Three Lions.’
    • ‘I've been in restaurants in Brussels where I felt like a welcome guest in somebody's home, the waiter playing the role of mine host to perfection.’
    • ‘Mark Kelly, mine host at Altrincham's Tatton Arms, will knock 50p off the price of a pint to anyone over 60.’
    • ‘The champagne has been flowing well into the early hours and it's not just to celebrate mine host's birthday.’
    • ‘But the smile of mine host, and his friendly banter, makes up for any forced journeys.’
    • ‘There are many ways in which mine host is like this city of concrete around him.’
    • ‘This was certainly the case at the Au Bon Coin Restaurant in Soi 5, where mine host Jose held a sampling party for the new release.’
    • ‘What makes Scooby's different on a Sunday afternoon is the English pub atmosphere generated largely by the fine free barbeque laid on by mine host from 2.30 p.m. to 6 p.m.’
    • ‘This happy group enjoyed a wonderful night at the Poppy Garden with mine host, Chatchalit ‘Pui’ (far right) shouting a round for his customers.’
    • ‘Following the break (excellent toasted bacon sandwiches provided by mine host Ted Hughes), the visitors fielded the very strong pairing of Andy and Cris to take on Les and Dao.’
    • ‘In division one Bruce ‘The Quiet One’ Lawrence had a net 73, coming third behind the joint winners Bill Hewitt and mine host Mr. Loy, both of whom played to par.’
    • ‘I'm told one of the attractions in the culinary department is the ‘Up To Me’ soup, lovingly prepared by the wife of mine host Lord Clive.’
    • ‘Indeed, it appears to be compulsory to have a drink or two with large David, and he is certainly a most affable mine host.’
    • ‘There were many UK accents to be heard, including that of mine host Bobby, who with partner Pat, had taken over this side of the hotel just one month ago.’
    • ‘The presentation of the Mug was made this month by mine host Bjarne's boss, his wife Songkran, to whom thanks go for making the presentation.’
    • ‘I remained at the bar and had another glass of warm beer, in the long interludes of silence making desultory conversation with mine host.’
    • ‘Bob Morrison, the winner, was presented with the coveted mug by mine host Bjarne.’