Meaning of minehunter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌɪnhʌntə/


  • A ship or aircraft used for detecting explosive submarine mines.

    ‘One of the Royal Navy's hi-tech minehunters has spent more than half of the last year far from home, in the Baltic.’
    • ‘The estuary and Khawr waterway have been combed by helicopters hauling mine detectors on sledges, and by minesweepers and minehunters, while Chatham's helicopter provided air support.’
    • ‘The frigate was berthed next to Sandown-class minehunters HM ships Grimsby and Bangor, forming the centrepiece of British Week, which promoted British interests in the Baltic state.’
    • ‘The Hameln Class minesweepers and Frankenthal Class minehunters have the same basic ship design and engineering systems but have different mission specific equipment suites.’
    • ‘Grimsby and her sister ships are specifically minehunters - instead of sweeping for devices, they use powerful sonar to pick out suspicious objects in deep and exposed waters and identify them.’
    • ‘The third group will consist of minehunters with support ships.’
    • ‘The ACC is based on a catamaran hull with an air cushion between the hulls and has been successfully proven with the Norwegian Oksoy class minehunters and minesweepers which entered service in 1994.’
    • ‘Hunt-class minehunter HMS Dulverton has arrived back at Clyde Naval Base in Faslane after a 16-week docking period in Rosyth in September.’
    • ‘Glasgow will be his third sea-going command, his previous ships being the Archer-class patrol boat HMS Exploit and the Sandown-class minehunter HMS Walney.’
    • ‘The Swedish shipbuilding company, Kockums (formerly Karlskronavarvet) has constructed seven Landsort class minehunters for the Swedish Navy.’
    • ‘Sandown's role was highlighted when she led RFA Sir Galahad into Um Qasr after the minehunters had cleared a safe path.’
    • ‘Two Sandown-class minehunters are to leave Portsmouth today to relieve sister ships Sandown and Bangor in the Gulf.’
    • ‘The ship's company from the Sandown-class minehunter spent the last year or so gathering together almost £8,000 for the Clifton Special School in Bangor, Northern Ireland.’
    • ‘And with many modern naval operations involving ships working as a group, someone serving in a minehunter, for example, could be transferred to a larger sister ship for treatment.’
    • ‘Royal Navy minehunter HMS Berkeley saved two men from drowning when their fishing boat began to sink in waters off Torbay.’
    • ‘The Royal Navy is to lose up to six of its 32 destroyers and frigates and four minehunters as part of a series of cuts imposed by the Treasury to pay for two new aircraft carriers and joint-strike fighter aircraft.’
    • ‘The minehunters are equipped with two Pluto remotely operated mine disposal vehicles supplied by Gaymarine in Turate, Italy and by Gayrobot in Balerna, Switzerland.’
    • ‘Lt Rackham was awarded the honour for service on board the minehunter HMS Sandown during Operation Allied Harvest, the operation to clear ordinance from the Adriatic in the wake of the 1999 Kosovo conflict.’
    • ‘Sandown-class minehunter HMS Ramsey had been conducting route survey operations off the west coast of the UK when she visited Ramsey, in the north of the Isle of Man.’
    • ‘Sandown-class minehunter HMS Pembroke is due to return to Portsmouth today after a deployment to the Mediterranean on NATO duty.’