Meaning of miner's right in English:

miner's right


Australian, New Zealand
  • A licence to prospect and dig for gold or another mineral.

    ‘a miner's right must be obtained in order to mine for gemstones in Queensland’
    • ‘He also acted as an agent for Beresford, a land and mining surveyor, and issued miner's rights for prospectors going to the newly discovered Worturpa Goldfield.’
    • ‘I have already issued about 40 miner's rights and I expect there will be over 100 men on the field before the end of the week, and in all probability, I will have to ask for police assistance shortly.’
    • ‘For £1 per year, a miner's right not only allowed miners to dig for gold, but also to vote at parliamentary elections; to elect delegates to local courts which settled mining disputes; and to reside on land claimed for mining purposes.’