Meaning of Mingo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɪŋɡəʊ/


derogatory, historical
  • Originally: a member of the Susquehannock people or of any of several related Northern Iroquoian groups of interior Pennsylvania. In later use: a member of an Iroquois Indian group, mostly Senecas, who were not affiliated with the League of the Iroquois and whose modern descendants are the Oklahoma Seneca-Cayuga.

    The term is also occasionally used to refer to a member of the Iroquois people inhabiting the valley of the Alleghenny–Ohio river, where they fell outside the immediate oversight of the chiefs of the League of the Iroquois in western New York.


derogatory, historical
  • Of, relating to, or inhabited by any of these peoples.


Mid 17th century. From Dutch Minquaas, plural from Northern Unami Delaware *ménkwe:w from proto-Eastern Algonquian *me:nkwe:w.