Meaning of minhag in English:


Pronunciation /mɪnˈhɑːɡ/

nounplural noun minhag, plural noun minhagim/mɪnˈhɑːɡɪm/

  • A custom or practice, especially one which has taken on the force of law.

    ‘Maybe in the future people will think the minhag is to wear sports shoes, for some obscure reason.’
    • ‘I parked precariously - one always does, although many people have the custom of double-parking, but that's not my minhag - just in front of a disabled space.’
    • ‘I mean, three times in as many weeks (Prince Harry, Labour pigs-might-fly campaign, and now Ken) - frankly, it's a minhag.’
    • ‘I believe very strongly in minhag Anglia, but that's nothing to do with my theology.’


Hebrew minhāḡ ‘custom, usage, conduct’, from nāhaḡ ‘to drive or lead’.