Meaning of minimalism in English:



mass noun
  • 1A movement in sculpture and painting which arose in the 1950s, characterized by the use of simple, massive forms.

    • ‘Tate cites influences on Gallagher's work ranging from bebop to hip hop, from abstract expressionism to minimalism to the postmodern, and identity-based art of the recent decade or so.’
    • ‘Styles as varied as Pop art, minimalism and even performance art embrace the still life style.’
    • ‘Artists were engaged in such varied practices as minimalism, Earthworks, Photo-realism, conceptual art, performance art, and feminist art.’
    • ‘Rainer encountered problems in attempting to translate the ‘literalness’ attributed to painterly and sculptural minimalism to live performance.’
    • ‘Koons's celebrated Rabbit - sometimes nicknamed the Brancusi Bunny - is not simply a parody of kitsch, Brancusi, and minimalism.’
  • 2An avant-garde movement in music characterized by the repetition of very short phrases which change gradually, producing a hypnotic effect.

    • ‘Claiming to have been hugely into minimalism and avant-garde music by the time he hit high school, Jim O'Rourke's stock took a blow in the credibility department with me.’
    • ‘A favorite of the great Czech conductor Rafael Kubelik, St Wenceslas prefigures late twentieth century minimalism with its repetitive chorale theme and luminous string figurations.’
    • ‘The headliner for the Irving Plaza shows was Tortoise, an instrumental band that dips into minimalism, lounge music, jazz and rock.’
    • ‘It uses ingredients of Javanese Gamelan drumming, Philip Glass-style minimalism and wind up music boxes with spinning ballerinas.’
    • ‘Then in 1971 he dropped modernism and embraced the simplicities of medieval church music - at just the same time as Steve Reich and Philip Glass in New York were discovering repetitive minimalism.’
  • 3Deliberate lack of decoration or adornment in style or design.

    ‘his living room was a testament to minimalism’
    • ‘Sasha Sykes's country-inspired contemporary furniture is the perfect choice for anyone put off by the unwelcoming minimalism of most modern design.’
    • ‘But there is a growing trend for more modern designs - although minimalism is still not a hit.’
    • ‘The Boscolo Hotel Exedra is a pleasant mixture of chic minimalism and old-fashioned high style - just the place for those who have become accustomed to the good things in life and do not mind paying for this kind of luxury.’
    • ‘A very elegant boardroom, it's style a blend of old fashioned Victorian design, and modern minimalism.’
    • ‘Although minimalism is a style that Yau's restaurants have now rejected, he is still thinking hard in Pawson terms about the social dynamics of the space in which he puts people to eat.’
    • ‘Giving us her unique brand of decorative minimalism, she was at her chic, subtle peak.’
    • ‘In terms of overall style, minimalism is out this year.’
    • ‘Décor is a blend of minimalism, contemporary design and largely neutral shades with added dashes of colour.’
    • ‘The 15 spaces have only their fierce commitment to individuality (and, of course, their amenities) in common, ranging in style from slick minimalism to full-on kitsch.’
    • ‘‘China Modern’ shows design from Taoist simplicity and sleek urban minimalism to modern reworkings of Chinese imperial themes.’
    • ‘Originally a motel, the San José is not expensive, but it has a design integrity that incorporates timber furniture with modern minimalism.’
    • ‘As interiors editor of The Times Magazine, Lee is in a better position than most to monitor trends in interiors and is now predicting a move away from minimalism and industrial design to the return of colour in all its glory.’
    • ‘Dense hangs are out of fashion, and when it comes to fashionable interior decoration, minimalism tends to be the order of the day.’
    • ‘This plush velvet theatre is far more suited to comedy than the modern minimalism of the Barbican Centre but that is not to say it is ideal for a regular comedy club night.’
    • ‘Inside, however, modernity and luxurious minimalism take over.’
    • ‘That was seven years ago, when minimalism, simplicity and modernity were prized.’
    • ‘And his visual style is a triumph of minimalism, his camera typically positioned about three feet above the ground and rarely (in some films never) moving.’
    • ‘It's fascinating that text is such a visible genre within art because, perhaps a little like decorative minimalism, it seems to exist on the periphery, but where this particular art fair is concerned, more is better.’
    • ‘The text and imagery includes working models of living spaces that should give casualties of minimalism the confidence to decorate with more rather than less.’
    • ‘This can be seen as a direct reaction to the minimalism which was the prevailing style of the time and in which he had begun his career.’