Meaning of miniskirted in English:



See miniskirt

‘Lever, by comparison, seems remarkably normal: miniskirted, slightly made up, anxiously clutching her A-level folders.’
  • ‘The world she evokes - of miniskirted Kabul schoolgirls and interesting Buddhist relics - has completely vanished.’
  • ‘Which makes astonishingly little sense, even ignoring the sex-discriminatory aspects, as the vast majority of shoppers are middle-aged women, who are unlikely to be seduced by the milky thighs of these miniskirted productistas.’
  • ‘He jumped on the energy drinks bandwagon three years ago with Go-Go, using a miniskirted, Japanime-inspired icon intended to strike a chord with Internet-savvy clubgoers.’
  • ‘To sell privatized pension plans to workers, Chile's fund managers hired miniskirted marketers to troll outside factories and office buildings.’