Meaning of ministerially in English:



See ministerial

‘Creationists have nothing against science being used ministerially, i.e. to build on the framework provided by the propositional teachings of Scripture, e.g. to build models to help elucidate Scripture.’
  • ‘In that respect, I am disappointed in Parliament, but we will no doubt get another chance to debate it, and it is as it should be that Parliament, ultimately, decides these things, not a bunch of ministerially appointed experts.’
  • ‘You cannot separate what you are from what you do; you cannot separate the effect of truth upon your own relationship to God personally from the effect of truth through you ministerially.’
  • ‘If anybody actually believes that the ministerially appointed committee will honour the agreement, or that promise, given all those years ago, he or she is dreaming.’
  • ‘The contract claim turns on clause 17 which may be described as payment in accordance with ministerially determined rates.’