Meaning of minor canon in English:

minor canon


  • A member of the Christian clergy who assists in the daily services of a cathedral but is not a member of the chapter.

    ‘It was only a matter of time before he made himself less than popular not only with the chapter but also with the minor canons, the organist, and other members of the cathedral lay staff, including myself.’
    • ‘He moved to Dublin and served a second curacy under Canon Billy Wynne in the Parish of St. Ann and St. Mark with St. Stephen and was a minor canon in St. Patrick's Cathedral.’
    • ‘Barnard was admitted a minor canon at St Paul's in July 1623, and is very probably identical with a namesake who had served previously as a lay clerk at Canterbury Cathedral.’
    • ‘His mother was a keen, thrifty woman of much intelligence, and his father was a minor canon at Peterborough and a pedagogue.’