Meaning of minor suit in English:

minor suit


  • Diamonds or clubs.

    ‘Because of the difference in score, clubs and diamonds are called the minor suits and hearts and spades are the major suits.’
    • ‘If all pass in the full-hand phase as well, the player to dealer's right is the declarer in a simple minor suit game as usual.’
    • ‘Widder, somewhat misleadingly, writes that an unbid 100 scores 1 point in a minor suit, or 2 in hearts, but then adds that ‘a kontra against the game takes along the silent 100, i.e. doubles its value, too.’’
    • ‘West knew that there would be four hearts in the dummy, however, and was unimpressed by his holdings in the minor suits.’
    • ‘If the suit is a minor suit, the bidder must have at least 4 cards in the suit bid.’


Early 20th century so named because of their lower scoring value.