Meaning of minority government in English:

minority government



  • A government in which the governing party has most seats but still less than half the total.

    ‘Since the JVP quit, the ruling coalition has been a minority government with just 80 seats in a parliament of 225.’
    • ‘At the moment, we have a minority government supported by another party on confidence and supply, but without an automatic majority on legislation.’
    • ‘Aznar's Popular Party was elected in 1996 as a minority government in coalition with Catalan and Basque nationalist parties.’
    • ‘Instead, the Liberals, with 134 seats, won a minority government.’
    • ‘If no party has a majority, there may be a minority government, or a coalition, in which the Prime Minister is usually the leader of the largest party.’
    • ‘She will now seek support of the Green Party to ensure her minority government can remain in power for the three-year term.’
    • ‘The final column in bold shows the Banzhaf index of the power of each party to influence the minority government.’
    • ‘At the dissolution of the coalition Menzies formed a minority government, but an election had to be held in 1940.’
    • ‘The protest will continue and his shaky minority government remains in government of collapse.’
    • ‘To do so he is using his current post as president of the Czech parliament and prop of the social-democratic minority government.’
    • ‘The result was a minority government that nonetheless has a mandate to govern.’
    • ‘Many observers predict his Conservative party may win enough seats in the June 28 federal election to form a minority government.’
    • ‘Going into the campaign, Layton aimed to win enough seats to be the kingmaker in a Liberal minority government.’
    • ‘The nature of party alignment varied after the collapse of the minority government.’
    • ‘The prospect of a minority government and especially of a hung parliament has caused consternation in business circles.’
    • ‘Chen is trying to improve relations with China, while his minority government seeks to calm a hostile, opposition-dominated legislature.’
    • ‘The result was a fragmented national identity symbolized and implemented by the white minority government's policy of racial separation.’
    • ‘In his place, Charles X appointed a caretaker head of government, Martignac, who managed to steer his minority government along a cautious path for over a year.’
    • ‘Sadly we can't kick her out of government totally but it is a minority government and our hope if that her voters take care of it during the next campaign.’
    • ‘And the political situation would remain in a stalemate with a minority government facing a majority opposition alliance.’