Meaning of minority rule in English:

minority rule


mass noun
  • A system of government in which the governing party of a country represents only a small proportion of the overall population.

    ‘the end of white minority rule in South Africa’
    • ‘It is a system of minority rule, like apartheid.’
    • ‘They don't want people to see what they are really after, which is continued minority rule.’
    • ‘Last week the country held its third election since white minority rule yielded to multi-racial democracy.’
    • ‘The state is based on minority rule.’
    • ‘Whatever weakens them tactically is going to lessen their chances of perpetuating minority rule.’
    • ‘So we have minority rule in a parliament that is not representative of the people of this country.’
    • ‘He lived long enough to see our country freed from the curse of minority rule.’
    • ‘They argue that the state is structured to ensure minority rule.’
    • ‘Both were drawn into the struggle against white minority rule.’
    • ‘It is also enabling the creation of powerful minorities and making governing harder and minority rule easier than ever.’