Meaning of minority shareholder in English:

minority shareholder


  • A shareholder owning less than half of a company's total shares.

    ‘the bank's minority shareholders have announced their intention to take it to court’
    • ‘Le Monde managers hope to preserve their independence by finding several minority shareholders.’
    • ‘Redstone is exploring a buyout of the minority shareholders.’
    • ‘The rise in earnings per share was the result of share buybacks from minority shareholders.’
    • ‘Some minority shareholders, meanwhile, keep attacking management.’
    • ‘Mr Oei wants to hang on to his 30 per cent stake and is even looking into his 'rights as a minority shareholder'.’
    • ‘Increasingly, board members and executives who abuse minority shareholders can expect to be challenged.’
    • ‘Yukos, the country's second-largest oil company, has delighted minority shareholders by canceling a series of dilutive share issues.’
    • ‘The rest of the shares, 6.74%, remain in the hands of minority shareholders and trust funds.’
    • ‘The family has a history of conflicts with minority shareholders, business partners, and government regulators.’
    • ‘Look for signs of respect for minority shareholders, and judges who are willing to rule against tycoons if the law requires it.’