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mint julep

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  • A long drink consisting of bourbon, crushed ice, sugar, and fresh mint and associated chiefly with the southern states of the United States.

    ‘That night, the three of us drank mint juleps and margaritas and watched ‘Blacula.’’
    • ‘Non-horse-racing fans get to drink mint juleps and claim credit for watching the Kentucky Derby, and non-auto-racing fans get to wonder why the Indy 500 drivers aren't the same guys who were in the Daytona 500.’
    • ‘Finally they arrive and rent a room in which to relax and drink mint juleps.’
    • ‘Keep your body refreshed by enjoying summer drinks such as mint juleps or raspberry iced teas.’
    • ‘Back to the much reviled second installment of my two-parter on beating racism which, unlike the heat, can't be overcome by drinking a mint julep and relaxing in the shade.’
    • ‘The bourbon-based mint julep enjoyed particular popularity in the South.’
    • ‘Other drinks at industry, including its mint julep, are served the same way.’
    • ‘Leaves are also added to fruit drinks and punches, e.g. the mint julep; and, in the Levant, often combined with cream cheese or yoghurt.’
    • ‘She scanned the patrons for the man she was looking for and found him at a table off to the side, drinking what she was supposed to be a mint julep.’
    • ‘Perhaps it can all be blamed on the enduring allure of Scarlett O'Hara, but every once in a while Hollywood feels the need to raise a mint julep toast to the shining virtues of southern-fried sisterhood.’
    • ‘Here stood the Ottawa Hotel, where ‘it was said that the best mint julep north of the Mason-Dixon line could be had.’’
    • ‘Local beverage of choice: An old-fashioned mint julep from one of the brilliant bartenders at the Willard Hotel.’
    • ‘Your letter requesting my formula for mixing mint juleps leaves me in the same position in which Captain Barber found himself when asked how he was able to carve the image of an elephant from a block of wood.’
    • ‘The Maker's Mark-based mint juleps are always a favorite.’
    • ‘There are fine, rust-colored old-fashioneds available, and the mint juleps are properly treacly and sweet.’
    • ‘They can just sit back on their fancy verandas sipping mint juleps while a cavalcade of birds flaunt themselves in succession.’
    • ‘Perhaps there won't be a Smarty-like horse tale this year, but get out the hat and whip up those mint juleps anyway.’
    • ‘Lanwar comes to Louisville, Kentucky, the home of the Kentucky Derby and mint juleps.’
    • ‘They see it as the land of magnolias and mint juleps, but that South is gone with the wind.’
    • ‘All this biscuit breaking and sugar swilling doesn't leave much time for playing sports, yet somehow everyone finds extra hours to watch TV, savor a mint julep and light up a cigarette.’


mint julep

/ˌmɪnt ˈdʒuːlɛp/ /ˌmɪnt ˈdʒuːlɪp/