Meaning of minter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɪntə/


  • 1A person who mints money.

    ‘By the eighth century the inhabitants included merchants, luxury craftsmen, goldsmiths, members of the professions, cauldron makers, doctors, tailors, builders, and minters.’
    • ‘These excesses removed so much gold and silver from circulation that the coin minters were forced to add other metals to the aureus and the denarius.’
    • ‘The pretext for socialization of minting - one which has curiously been accepted by almost every economist - is that private minters would defraud the public on the weight and fineness of the coins.’
    • ‘In contrast, central to Vardaman's thesis is the claim that most of these inscriptions were created by the minters and thus reflect official records.’
  • 2British informal A second-hand car in mint condition.

    • ‘there are plenty of low mileage minters about’
    • ‘You'd be surprised at just how many "low mileage minters" come over from Japan with zero Japanese service history.’
    • ‘I've got some minters for sale.’