Meaning of minus sign in English:

minus sign


  • The symbol −, indicating subtraction or a negative value.

    ‘A plus sign indicates repeat additions and a minus sign indicates repeat deletions, virtually all of which occurred in the variable region.’
    • ‘After coming up with the list, he analyzed opportunities by placing up to two plus signs or two minus signs next to each characteristic.’
    • ‘The plus sign (+) denotes amplification and the minus sign (-) indicates no amplification.’
    • ‘One day he painted a plus sign and a minus sign on Karan's bathroom mirror.’
    • ‘In this case, the plus sign gives an extraneous result, and the minus sign is the one that gives the right conclusion.’
    • ‘He ignored the minus signs, thereby taking the absolute value of the terms.’
    • ‘Use minus signs to indicate south and west.’
    • ‘The opposite movement is achieved by placing a minus sign before the value.’
    • ‘In this case, the mathematical model has a minus sign, whenever time appears twice.’
    • ‘A minus sign in the result window indicates a negative result.’
    • ‘Properties following a plus sign are checked; those following a minus sign are ignored.’
    • ‘When an error was made, a minus sign was displayed instead of a plus sign.’
    • ‘Although this represents a negative number, it is not written with a minus sign.’
    • ‘Yet it all seemed for naught, ancient stock-market quotations or chalked messages on hoardings of the last century, with plus and minus signs featured prominently.’
    • ‘You can browse the menus just by clicking on the plus and minus signs on the Tweak Tree, or in much the same way you do a in a web browser by using the back and forward buttons on the menu bar.’
    • ‘The charges are shown by the plus and minus signs.’
    • ‘A plus sign (+) means the real thickness is greater than the number posted, while a minus sign (-) means the real thickness is less the number posted.’
    • ‘The reason for the minus sign in Shannon's formula is that the p's here are probabilities, positive quantities between 0 and 1, whose logs are therefore all negative.’
    • ‘The minus sign (-) designates those who were not acceptable.’
    • ‘Undetected genes are labeled with a minus sign.’