Meaning of minute book in English:

minute book


  • A book in which the proceedings of meetings are recorded.

    ‘a glass case contains the minute book of a subcommittee meeting in 1899’
    • ‘The main records to have survived from the early years of the company are the directors' minute books.’
    • ‘Only a few comments about road gradients are noted in the minute books of the local road trusts.’
    • ‘Minutes are agreed and signed by the Chairman and full recording takes place in a minute book of Commission decisions.’
    • ‘The original handwritten minute books have been faithfully and exactly reproduced.’
    • ‘They were taught meeting procedure and to keep minute books.’
    • ‘Budgets for expenditure on patents and publicity are referred to in the company minute books.’
    • ‘The minute book does not record any formal disbanding, though those proceedings may have been recorded elsewhere.’
    • ‘The game's development is documented in the minutes book of these societies.’
    • ‘There was evidence in the minute book that the Board did not meet for several months.’
    • ‘The first meeting recorded in the minute book is dated 17 th October 1772.’