Meaning of minuteness in English:


Pronunciation /mʌɪˈnjuːtnəs/


See minute

‘John Stuart Mill remarked that Grote's History was written ‘with the precision and minuteness of one who neither desires nor expects that anything will be taken upon trust’.’
  • ‘In technical perfection and minuteness of detail, Sánchez Coello's courtly portraits are comparable to those of the best contemporary Netherlandish masters.’
  • ‘The minuteness of detail, especially in early accounts, indicates that this suggestion must have been seen as a real threat.’
  • ‘While Pascal speaks of the infinities of minuteness and expansion, Baudelaire's infinities are personal and communal.’
  • ‘This was the most she could pull off - the smallness of the crime, the minuteness of the act itself - and yet, so fearsome the punishment.’