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Pronunciation /mɪŋks/

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humorous, derogatory
  • An impudent, cunning, or boldly flirtatious girl or young woman.

    • ‘you saucy little minx!’
    • ‘She's not at all a passive love object, she's actually, I think, a bit of a minx.’
    • ‘I know for a fact that there are some fashionable little minxes who read this blog on the odd occasion.’
    • ‘And at the checkout I had to sift through the basket of items I had chosen and those which had been sneaked in by my minx of a little helper.’
    • ‘Aurora, given the chance to be true to herself, rather than to her trio of husbands, turns out to be a world-class minx.’
    • ‘Then suddenly I realized I was laughing with the minx.’
    • ‘The minx laughed her usual self-indulgent laugh.’
    • ‘The little minx only writes him once every fortnight, wasting postage and the money on the paper, but of course he is supporting her.’
    • ‘All the staff are great, including the gorgeous minx on the door.’
    • ‘The little minx had somehow slipped in right underneath my nose, undetected, and no one had bothered to tell me?’
    • ‘The sneaky minx stood very, very close next to Michael to look at the names.’
    • ‘The little minx knew exactly what she was doing and she actually enjoyed it.’
    • ‘She sang to the bartender, who smiled widely, not daring to tell the minx to get off his counter.’
    • ‘We could call her a minx or whatnot, but it still wouldn't adequately describe her.’
    • ‘All they do is lead you on, using you as the conduit to your minx of a best friend.’
    • ‘Behind the spectacles and the twin set of the demure secretary runs the hot blood of a rampaging minx.’
    • ‘The minx agrees, only to put a clause in her wedding contract that allows her to brew coffee whenever she pleases.’
    • ‘That is when you turn to the nearest mirror and say, ‘Oh you saucy little writing minx you!’’
    • ‘There's a phrase for that, you saucy minx - it's called ‘home wrecker’.’
    • ‘And yes, Drew, that was my favourite T-shirt you were wearing and yes I do want it back, you minx!’
    • ‘How can the boring day-to-day life of toiling in the fields to return to a modest wife and toddler in rough-hewn country garments and a meal of soup and home-baked bread compare to a smoking, bob-haired minx in fancy lingerie.’
    tease, flirt, coquette
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Mid 16th century (denoting a pet dog): of unknown origin.