Meaning of mirin in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɪrɪn/


mass noun
  • A rice wine used as a flavouring in Japanese cooking.

    ‘They doubled the sugar and added more mirin, the rice wine that lent the sauce, or teri, its distinctive flavor and glazing properties.’
    • ‘The sauce is not so much a marinade as a basting liquid, using saké and mirin, available from Japanese specialists and selected supermarkets.’
    • ‘For something a little different, try a subtle Japanese dressing of mirin and grated white daikon as shown here.’
    • ‘In a wide, shallow pan, heat the sake and mirin until hot.’
    • ‘For the garlic ponzu sauce: In a medium bowl, combine the soy sauce, rice vinegar citrus vinegar, mirin, yuzu peel, bonito flakes, and konbu.’
    • ‘Acid the sugar, soy sauce, rice vinegar, yuzu juice, mirin, and yuzu peel.’
    • ‘Combined sakura and saikyo misos, sake, mirin and egg yolks in a double boiler and cook slowly for 10 minutes.’
    • ‘For the miso-glazed vegetables: Combine sakura miso, sake and mirin in a bowl; mix well.’
    • ‘Add the soy sauce, mirin, sake, Bonito fish flakes, chiles, ginger, and water to the pig trotter stock.’
    • ‘For the bluefin tuna, in a medium saucepan, bring the sake and mirin to a boil, reduce the heat, and maintain at a simmer.’
    • ‘Add the miso, mirin and soy to the mushrooms, stirring well.’
    • ‘Salmon marinated with miso mirin and sake leaves an impression as alluring as polished coral.’
    • ‘Combine sake, star anise, mirin, garlic, gingerroot and cinnamon stick in a saucepan and simmer for five minutes.’
    • ‘Add the dashi, soy sauce, mirin, and yuzu juice.’
    • ‘In a bowl, combine 3 cups liquid (reserving the rest for another use), light soy sauce, mirin, sugar and tamari.’
    • ‘He cut up the vegetables; sliced and washed the chicken and mixed together the sauce with soy sauce and mirin.’
    • ‘For the sweet soy marinated sashimi: In a small below combing the say sauce and mirin.’
    • ‘In a large skillet or wok, bring the dashi, soy sauce, mirin and sugar to a boil.’
    • ‘Make the teriyaki sauce by combining the mirin, saké, soy and sugar, stirring to dissolve the sugar.’
    • ‘Bring the mirin, water, yellow bean soy, vinegar and castor sugar to the boil in a heavy-based saucepan over a medium heat.’