Meaning of misattribute in English:


Pronunciation /mɪsəˈtrɪbjuːt/


[with object]
  • Wrongly attribute.

    ‘the professor misattributed Robert Burn's famous line to Shakespeare’
    • ‘Talking to oneself, for example, happens continually: an auditory hallucination can be proven to be a sufferer talking to themself, but misattributing the source.’
    • ‘It has been pointed out to me that the lyric quoted at the top of this page has been misattributed to The Doors, when in fact it is from a song written by Kurt Weill - Bertolt Brecht's song-writing alter-ego.’
    • ‘However, there is also a danger of assuming that everything reminiscent of Van Gogh's style in the family collection must be by him - so works that he had acquired from friends have sometimes been misattributed.’
    • ‘While this is the first example I've seen of a story getting picked up by a major online news source and being misattributed in this way, the underlying practice is quite common on hip hop news sites.’
    • ‘Originally, I had misattributed those comments to Aaron.’
    • ‘There's been all these quotes that have been misattributed in other newspapers, and they said they were setting the record straight.’
    • ‘After the first one, I realized that either there were two DJ's with the same name or the first one had been misattributed.’
    • ‘Based on the confusing wording of credits at the close of the film, we misattributed Ruell's work to Ferro.’
    • ‘This poem has outshone all the other works of the poet to whom it was misattributed.’
    • ‘At least I hope it was he, though I'm sure Merton, who invented many wonderful jokes himself, would have been delighted if the credit for it turned out to be misattributed to him.’
    • ‘I apologize if I have misrepresented or misattributed anyone's remarks.’
    • ‘Due to an editing error, an earlier version of this article misattributed the viewpoint in the final paragraph.’
    • ‘I do not believe they exist, and Maxwell must have misattributed the photographs she has in mind.’
    • ‘It suggests that under some circumstances people can misattribute the uplifting work that their brains have done to a fictitious external source.’
    • ‘It's much less amusing that the quote was mangled and misattributed.’
    • ‘Famous people (especially famous men) tend to get notable sayings retrospectively misattributed to them.’
    • ‘The furniture made in Maine during the Federal period has long been overlooked or misattributed.’
    • ‘There's a long, vaguely dishonorable list of pop hits that have been commonly misattributed.’
    • ‘In January, this newspaper reported that they failed to double-check their evidence prior to publication and misattributed other evidence to them.’