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Pronunciation /ˌmɪskənˈsiːv/

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[with object]
  • 1Fail to understand (something) correctly.

    ‘some academic latinists did misconceive Pound's poem in that way’
    • ‘This supposed uniting principle misconceives the argument for gay marriage, which, as I have outlined it, is not necessarily based solely on augmenting the private happiness of two adults.’
    • ‘Not to mention that the letter's kicker, ‘We hope that this misleading article does not cost a child his life,’ completely misconceives the public policy question.’
    • ‘The Chief Justice on Wednesday said the judges could be divided into three groups, but all held that the claim as formulated by the men demanding their rights under the South African constitution was misconceived.’
    • ‘Is it now the case that in the absence of stockpiles of weapons, ready to deploy, the threat was misconceived and therefore the war was unjustified?’
    • ‘I believe this image is entirely misconceived.’
    • ‘Genuine reform of the universities has proceeded perhaps more effectively because the propaganda has so totally misconceived the changes taking place.’
    • ‘Yet the word fear is often misconceived for excitement, stress or nervousness - common emotions in sport that only you can translate.’
    • ‘This is because the Tribe consultants have misconceived their brief, as we predicted in an earlier letter, and have picked on The Green as a convenient piece of open land.’
    • ‘Statistics show that domestic violence in the borough has significantly increased and it is misconceived by many that victims of this type of crime are from poor families.’
    • ‘On the contrary, liberals and other leftists have constantly misconceived the issue.’
    • ‘There are few scholars to whom the term suggests a process by which an Easterner might utterly misconceive the West and its citizens, much less do them an injustice.’
    • ‘The defendant misconceives the plaintiffs' position.’
    • ‘The next point is that it really misconceives the nature of the compensation magistrate's appellate jurisdiction.’
    • ‘But this criticism totally misconceives the meaning of the concept of price.’
    • ‘In our submission, that misconceives the characterisation of the loss.’
    • ‘It seems to us, with respect, that it completely misconceives the role of the appellate court.’
    • ‘The first of these criticisms misconceives the nature of the international legal system.’
    • ‘In addition, in one important respect the president has misconceived the relation between the promotion of democracy and America's national security interests.’
    • ‘But we submit that the traditional test of corroboration provides a practical guide to the issue and that the Court of Criminal Appeal wholly misconceived that concept.’
    • ‘It follows that she has misconceived the scope of section 116 of the Act.’
    misunderstand, misinterpret, put a wrong interpretation on, misconstrue, misapprehend, mistake, misread, miss, confuse, confound, take amiss
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    1. 1.1Judge or plan badly, typically on the basis of faulty understanding.
      ‘criticism of the trade surplus in Washington is misconceived’
      • ‘Increasingly now, these are from misconceived notions of development: oil drilling, port construction, tourism projects, defence establishments.’
      • ‘Time and again, history has shown that waging battles to usher in peace have been misconceived notions, for such attempts have only succeeded in breeding hatred and mistrust in society.’
      • ‘If the objectives are misplaced, the plan misconceived, the resources unavailable or poorly mobilized, then the strategy will fail and this will be the strategist's responsibility.’
      • ‘But the showcase project seemed misconceived from the start, too powerful for North Korea's electrical system, too expensive to be economical.’
      • ‘The result was a campaign misconceived at the outset and badly coordinated not only between civilian and military but between the various levels of command.’
      • ‘Police personnel deviating from service ethics in the course of enforcing law and justice is a result of misconceived notions of professional excellence and extraneous pressure.’
      • ‘In our view this submission is entirely misconceived and misunderstands the effect of these cases.’
      • ‘Those of us who argued from the start that the single currency was misconceived, and that membership would be a disaster, were dismissed by the Prime Minister as xenophobes who were living in the past.’
      • ‘The Crown's argument that international crimes were not crimes under English law was misconceived, he added.’
      • ‘The very idea of a war on terror was profoundly misconceived from the start.’
      • ‘While Canada's nationalist impulse is in some ways understandable or even admirable, its articulation as a need for protection is misconceived.’
      • ‘I do not think that I should burden the Federal Court with matters if I have a clear view that proceedings are misconceived, but, ordinarily, the matter should go down.’
      • ‘In my judgment an attempt to formulate a duty of care in this way is wholly misconceived.’
      • ‘The Court of Appeal rejected as misconceived the argument that proceedings before the Tribunal are effectively criminal proceedings in which the applicant is to be presumed innocent until proved guilty.’
      • ‘The application and the application for interim relief are wholly misconceived.’
      • ‘I was unable to respond to these campaigns and express my support at the time because I felt that although these campaigns were well-intended, they were misconceived and misguided.’
      • ‘Indeed, it often appears to the Asians that the US and Europe are generally only solicitous of their views and insights, when it's time to cough up more money for another misconceived bailout.’
      • ‘In the circumstances the proceedings are wholly misconceived.’