Meaning of misery index in English:

misery index


  • An informal measure of the state of an economy generated by adding together its rate of inflation and its rate of unemployment.

    ‘by the end of the decade the misery index was at a record high’
    • ‘During Ronald Reagan's first term, the misery index was effectively cut in half, guaranteeing his landslide re-election 20 years ago.’
    • ‘A spike in the misery index could put a spike in his campaign.’
    • ‘The misery index - inflation plus unemployment - was above 20 percent.’
    • ‘And my sense from watching unemployment claims and inflation expectations is that the misery index is set to get worse, not better.’
    • ‘Many voters don't remember what life was like in the 1970s, when we had the famous "misery index" of double-digit unemployment and double-digit inflation.’
    • ‘What makes people feel so miserable at the moment is not how high the "misery index" is, but actually the climbing jobless rate.’
    • ‘They argued that raising the minimum wage would "prevent more teenagers from finding jobs, increase poverty overall unemployment rates and generally raise the poverty and misery index".’
    • ‘The misery index stands at a very respectable 8.7.’
    • ‘We can use the misery index (inflation rate plus unemployment rate) as an indicator, and augment it by subtracting the annual rate of real GDP growth.’
    • ‘At this stage of the 1976 campaign, Mr. Carter incessantly reminded voters that the misery index had reached an unacceptable level.’