Meaning of miso in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmiːsəʊ/


mass noun
  • 1Paste made from fermented soya beans and barley or rice malt, used in Japanese cooking.

    ‘When the fermentation of miso is complete the soya beans retain their original shape.’
    • ‘She makes miso from fermented soya beans each spring, treading them first with a pair of wellies and then pounding the pulp into blocks, finally hanging them in the rafters to dry.’
    • ‘Like a lot of Japanese ingredients, miso is handy to have in the fridge, where it will last for up to a year.’
    • ‘The liquid poured off during this production of miso is what is known as soya sauce.’
    • ‘Robins is certainly not the first to marinate chicken in a Thai sauce, or cod in miso.’
    • ‘A tiny heap of finely shredded zest will be placed on top of cooked vegetables or fish, or mixed with miso to make a condiment.’
    • ‘Other products like tofu and miso also call for mature, large-seeded specialty soybean varieties.’
    • ‘Small skewers of ground chicken in garlic miso or fresh wasabi are presented like jeweled bracelets, and deserve the setting.’
    • ‘The three main soya bean products - miso, tofu, and shoyu - are the second largest source of protein for the Japanese.’
    • ‘Add the miso, ginger, carrot, and heart of palm, and simmer for five minutes.’
    • ‘Home-made miso is still ground by hand.’
    • ‘Miso used to be ground daily at home with a huge pestle and mortar, but nowadays it is sold ready ground.’
    • ‘Organic sauce imports include soy sauce, miso and salad dressings.’
    • ‘But the grilled pork shoulder was good (it's dunked in sake and miso), and so was the pork belly, which is simmered to a melting, fatty softness and presented in a thick peasant's pot.’
    • ‘The filling gained the cheesecake-like consistency from tofu along with ground almonds, soy milk, corn starch, and - believe ir or not - a tiny spoonful of miso.’
    • ‘In fact, miso is a great source of complex carbohydrates, protein, essential oils and minerals.’
    • ‘The very best miso comes from the center of the cask and customarily was presented to the emperor of Japan.’
    • ‘The color of miso determines how long the product's been aged, as well as its salt content.’
    • ‘Miso is known to aid in digestion and strengthen the blood.’
    • ‘Miso is quite salty, so use it instead of salt to flavor your food.’
    1. 1.1A soup thickened with miso paste, often with added tofu or vegetables.
      ‘a bowl of piping hot miso’
      • ‘Plain tofu is often eaten in the morning with a touch of ginger, or miso soup with tofu on the side.’
      • ‘Dipped in miso, it has a sweet, jellied, curiously dissolving quality, like some exotic form of vegan candy.’
      • ‘I had several bottles of hot sake and some miso to accompany our dish of sashimi.’
      • ‘As for what to drink with miso soup, sometimes even winemakers choose beer.’
      • ‘Vegetarian cuisine prepared in Zen monasteries relied heavily on soy products, including miso soup and tofu.’
      • ‘Although the mostly iceberg salad is lame, the miso soup is lovely, smoky, subtle stuff.’
      • ‘It is in fact Santiago's hottest Pan Asian restaurant-bar, serving fine cocktails and exquisite selections of sashimi and miso you never thought possible this side of the Chinese Sea.’
      • ‘If you're suffering from a nasty hangover, you might want to try miso, which can readily replenish your body with lost vitamins and minerals.’
      • ‘I love miso, but not while I'm listening to the Today programme.’
      • ‘See his website for an excellent explanation of how to make a great bowl of miso.’
      • ‘The beans were followed by soup; my friend went for the miso, while I chose the sumashi.’
      • ‘The miso soup was some of the best either of us had ever tasted in this city.’
      • ‘The sumashi was a clear-broth seafood soup, and it was satisfying as well, though it didn't quite live up to the miso.’
      • ‘The atmosphere is casual: complimentary tea and miso are self-serve and the dishes are disposable.’
      • ‘I bet there are people in California nursing homes eating miso.’
      • ‘The best miso is served in tiny amounts and has a complex, nutty, salty flavor.’
      • ‘Her soup arrives, thank God. It's a clear miso with a few scallion tips.’
      • ‘I had a tasty lunch with Joe at this new Japanese restaurant over by Gramercy Park, sharing a big fresh tuna salad, with a bowl of miso for me.’
      • ‘At a sit down lunch, I get a lovely bowl of miso, a cup of tea, a box of something and a nice little dish in which to mix my wasabi and soy.’