Meaning of misstep in English:


Pronunciation /mɪsˈstɛp/


  • 1A clumsy or badly judged step.

    ‘for a mountain goat one misstep could be fatal’
    • ‘First, the work was often dangerous and a misstep could quickly be fatal; walk through any old cemetery, you'll see that.’
    • ‘I envy her recklessness, the roughness of her unpracticed pirouettes, the occasional clumsy misstep that inspires no apologies.’
    • ‘We chose our steps wisely, not wanting to misstep when a slip could prove fatal.’
    • ‘If the giant is large enough he can wipe a small human out with a misstep or any accidental movement if they get in his way.’
    • ‘He'd almost made it to the front of the car when he made a misstep and stumbled into the car.’
    • ‘She suggests that those compelled to walk should do so on the stairs because a misstep on an escalator could cause a collective tumble.’
    • ‘A misstep in a cave brings rocks tumbling down on him.’
    • ‘Somehow he made a misstep and lost his footing, sliding awkwardly down to the bottom of the ravine and bruising himself painfully.’
    • ‘She slips easily out of the car, with not a misstep despite the gravel playing havoc with her high heels.’
    • ‘One misstep could cause a stone to slide, a bush to snap, giving him away.’
    stumble, slip, misstep, false step
    1. 1.1North American A mistake or blunder.
      ‘his campaign has been a farrago of missteps and mixed messages’
      • ‘The panel called the question of bias one of the most ‘subjective and difficult’ they undertook as they examined the steps and missteps of reporting.’
      • ‘That's why he recommends anticipating where things can go wrong and taking steps to prevent missteps.’
      • ‘Competition keeps a paper on its toes - but it can also lead to clumsy missteps.’
      • ‘It's a grand misstep full of clumsy guitars and a confused direction.’
      • ‘He and others believe that downtown, despite years of missteps, may yet turn into a community.’
      • ‘There are those who defend the man on the principle that a single misstep should not sink a career.’
      • ‘The author also argues for avoiding several potentially fatal missteps.’
      • ‘He had made a fatal misstep, and it would cost him.’
      • ‘As the business evolves, there should be fewer missteps.’
      • ‘After a series of false starts and missteps, Yates finally has made the right move, under circumstances that will allow the team to flourish.’
      • ‘Our heroine acts from within her situation, within the reality of women at that time, but she is never judged, scorned, or punished for her missteps.’
      • ‘The remaining margin really seems razor-thin at this point, such that any missteps at her hearings seemingly could prove fatal.’
      • ‘You can almost hear the wheels turning as he takes the occasional misstep in developing the characters and hurriedly course-corrects.’
      • ‘But after a series of missteps by the media, long-time China watchers have begun to be more suspicious and they increasingly look to official sources.’
      • ‘And I think, clearly, the administration has made some missteps.’
      • ‘There have been missteps, as there are with any presidential campaign, but a lot of top Democrats are now talking privately and some publicly about changes.’
      • ‘Despite the missteps it has made over the past four years, the United States still retains enormous material power and considerable global influence.’
      • ‘And so, I do think there's been a whole series of missteps.’
      • ‘When I read about the missteps of some of the other bishops, I think that the Holy Father must have had particular affection for Chicago to give us such a good shepherd.’
      • ‘These missteps are unfortunate rather than fatal, although they do diminish the credibility of the argument.’