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Pronunciation /mɪˈsteɪk(ə)n/

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  • 1Wrong in one's opinion or judgement.

    ‘she wondered whether she'd been mistaken about his intentions’
    • ‘There used to be a duty-free shop in this vicinity, if I am not mistaken.’
    • ‘If I am not mistaken, the evidence to support this characterizaton is pretty skimpy.’
    • ‘However, if I am not mistaken there is a hidden message in these banners.’
    • ‘He is an amateur pundit, if I am not mistaken, but one of the most insightful writers around.’
    • ‘If the past is any indicator to the future, we are quite mistaken.’
    • ‘At the same time, she clearly does believe not simply that her opponents are mistaken but that they are evil.’
    • ‘If they thought painting and art was just something to do with colours, easels and long brushes, they were mistaken.’
    • ‘Those of you who think the weekend was spent praying are mistaken.’
    • ‘If you think that a hostage situation like the one in Russia could not happen here, you are sadly mistaken.’
    • ‘As it turned out, Stalin was mistaken on every count.’
    • ‘If you thought Indiana didn't have a prayer against Oklahoma, you were mistaken on two counts.’
    • ‘I think Moore is mistaken on all counts.’
    • ‘Am I mistaken to think such a narrow view might be wrong?’
    • ‘So I'm mistaken to think of the people who designed my website as graphic designers?’
    • ‘And they were sadly mistaken to think that desperate small business owners would support such language.’
    • ‘I was sadly mistaken before, and we have come to an understanding now.’
    • ‘If this government thinks its fight is only with miners they are sadly mistaken.’
    • ‘He soon found out, however, that he had been sorely mistaken.’
    • ‘I suppose there are worse legacies than to have been both very great, and very badly mistaken.’
    • ‘They have said to me that they were mistaken to think it could work.’
    wrong, erroneous, inaccurate, incorrect, inexact, off-target, off-beam, out, false, fallacious, unsound, unfounded, misguided, misinformed, wide of the mark
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    1. 1.1Based on or resulting from a misunderstanding or faulty judgement.
      ‘don't buy a hard bed in the mistaken belief that it is good for you’
      • ‘an unfortunate case of mistaken identity’
      • ‘Yet it would be mistaken to assume that British support for the US hard line on Iraq was inevitable.’
      • ‘Once again the hidden and mistaken identity constructs this plot and furthers its comedy.’
      • ‘I see the deleterious consequences of this mistaken belief in many of my patients.’
      • ‘There is a mistaken belief that academic and sporting achievement is mutually exclusive.’
      • ‘They, however, are under the mistaken impression she works for them.’
      • ‘He cites the mistaken assumption that literally everything is faster in the Internet age.’
      • ‘The dispute was stoked by widespread but mistaken assumptions about how the Iraqis would fight.’
      • ‘There has been no acknowledgment of the mistaken assumptions on which the modern edifice rests.’
      • ‘Have poets accepted the mistaken notion that poetry is a dying art form?’
      • ‘Innocent people are convicted each year because of mistaken eyewitness identification.’
      • ‘When you talk about computer science and software engineering, you find the same mistaken view.’
      • ‘The government, decision-makers and society in general may still have a mistaken view about agriculture.’
      • ‘Even though this is a mistaken view, it is widely held.’
      • ‘In addition, privatisation without adequate competitive pressure creates the mistaken perception that competition does not work.’
      • ‘The reality that confounds these mistaken stereotypes is that our religions have more in common with each other than with other religions.’
      • ‘Why should I not accept it, unless there is a clear indication of why it is either false or mistaken?’
      • ‘This further exchange simply underlined the judge's view that counsel was prone to making not bad or mistaken points, but false ones.’
      • ‘That stance has been, in my judgement, badly argued and seriously mistaken.’
      • ‘Even if these accounts are false or mistaken, surely they deserve some mention?’
      • ‘It can also easily lead to a lack of expert leadership and even mistaken judgements.’