Meaning of Mixolydian mode in English:

Mixolydian mode


  • The mode represented by the natural diatonic scale G–G (containing a minor 7th).

    • ‘The measured movement of the shortlined rhyming verses creates his openhearted simplicity: which Britten echoes by setting the narrative in open-eared Anglican liturgical incantation, in the Mixolydian mode on B (flat).’
    • ‘Much is made of their singing in the Mixolydian mode.’
    • ‘The strident main theme, based on the Mixolydian mode, uses a ‘pedal’ note - a recurring bass note drone on which to pin the harmonic changes above it.’’
    • ‘The jazz breakdowns, blistering arpeggios, and almost-catchy outro make it worth waiting through entire minutes of mindless Mixolydian mode improvising.’


Late 16th century Mixolydian from Greek mixo-ludios ‘half-Lydian’ + -an.


Mixolydian mode