Meaning of mizuna in English:


(also mizuna greens)


mass noun
  • Oriental rape of a variety with finely cut leaves that are eaten in salads.

    Brassica rapa variety nipposinica, family Cruciferae

    • ‘The trouble with meatballs, however, is that there are rarely any leftovers - which is more than can be said for mizuna and pomegranate salad with braised pork belly, enoki mushrooms and miso.’
    • ‘For a mild mix, combine familiar types of leaf lettuce with greens such as mizuna, purslane, mache and chervil.’
    • ‘In Tenerife they concentrate on salad leaves such as mizuna, ruby chard, rocket and red mustard.’
    • ‘Add porcinis, mizuna and poached eggs and remove from heat.’
    • ‘One of the quintessentially British items recently pushed from salad bowls brimming with rocket and mizuna is watercress.’