Meaning of moany in English:


Pronunciation /ˈməʊni/

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adjectivemoanier, moaniest

informal British
  • Tending to grumble or complain, typically about trivial issues.

    • ‘they came across as a moany, joyless bunch’
    • ‘I don't want to get a reputation for being moany’
    • ‘I think they'd say I was a miserable moany old git at the best of times.’
    • ‘Anyway, that's my little moany rant out of the way for today.’
    • ‘How tedious and teenage of my brain to come up with such moany nonsense.’
    • ‘This phrase is intoned in exactly the same exasperated moany, whingy way, no matter what the state of play.’
    • ‘But before this all gets too moany, I would like to say that I love what I do.’
    • ‘"At the start, some more than others were a little moany; I mean we had one cast member who wanted to leave the day he got there."’
    • ‘Now I don't want you thinking I am some kind of moany Englander who can't live without their fish and chips, because that really is not the case.’
    • ‘Sorry for being moany.’
    • ‘It was introspective, moany and self-indulgent.’
    • ‘To recap: my thesis was that Spurs fans are moanier because they suffer from 'Massive Club Syndrome'.’
    • ‘He said that when I'm not in the side and scoring, I'm the moaniest guy he's ever met, and I wasn't surprised by that.’
    • ‘Because of playing with them I'm probably one of the moaniest players in the team now.’
    • ‘My friends tell me I get a bit moany sometimes, but venting is important: it gets stuff out of your system.’
    • ‘Fifteen-year-olds are society's most belittled demographic group: largely dismissed as grumpy, hoody and moany.’