Meaning of mobe in English:


Pronunciation /məʊb/


(also mobey)
  • A mobile phone.

    • ‘This morning I found the following message on the Voicemail of my mobes.’
    • ‘‘Hmmm, where partnership works,’ he muses, and reaches for his mobe.’
    • ‘The two companies have teamed up to offer drivers CCTV images of the road ahead, beamed direct to their mobe from a network of live cameras across the UK.’
    • ‘Police quizzed the 34-year-old without success and were about to let her go when some bright spark suggested they call the mobe.’
    • ‘They talked with a researcher via a handsfree mobe for half of the trip and maintained a concentrated silence for the other half.’
    • ‘And if a new mobe doesn't tickle your fancy, there's plenty more where that came from.’
    • ‘He subsides on the seat, and starts talking again, loudly, and fervently, into his mobe.’
    • ‘She was telling me about her birthday gift from her mother, her new mobe.’
    • ‘After all, the mobe operators have been telling us for years that masts next to schools are completely safe, and no one believes a word of that, either.’