Meaning of mockumentary in English:


Pronunciation /mɒkjʊˈmɛnt(ə)ri/


  • A television programme or film which takes the form of a serious documentary in order to satirize its subject.

    ‘An elaborate in-joke that might have been concocted at a dinner like the one we see onscreen, Incident at Loch Ness is a satirical mockumentary that will delight Herzog aficionados.’
    • ‘Is there a real shift here in political documentaries that are starting to become more like mockumentaries or shockumentaries.’
    • ‘Clearly you're here in the flesh and you have this, it's a mockumentary film, right?’
    • ‘What results is a beautiful mess of a movie, at once a drama, a comedy, a love story, a documentary, a mockumentary, and something else altogether.’
    • ‘While we ultimately know this film is a mockumentary, these techniques allow us to temporarily suspend our disbelief.’
    • ‘The film was received so warmly that the three friends decided to expand the film into a mockumentary.’
    • ‘Having failed to find funding for other, more ambitious scripts, the trio realized the wisdom in sticking with a subject they knew and doing the story as a mockumentary.’
    • ‘This never seems like a mockumentary - rather a serious attempt by an unknown to uncover the truth.’
    • ‘The mockumentary tells us he has keen intelligence, but it only manifests itself in a few lightning-fast assessments of street situations.’
    • ‘It needs a little more mocking to be a good mockumentary.’
    • ‘It's a mockumentary tracking two people's bargain-hunting extremism.’
    • ‘This mockumentary is either going to be brilliant or crushingly disappointing.’
    • ‘If anything can be called a delicate art, it's making mockumentaries.’
    • ‘I laughed out loud two or three times, but considering the joy I got from the previous mockumentaries, this was a failure.’
    • ‘Tightly edited, it doesn't grow as slack or indulgent as many mockumentaries do.’
    • ‘This is an intriguing concept, well put together, with the mockumentary crew detailing the action in a lead up to the fight.’
    • ‘It gives the story a slight metafictional spin, bouncing between blatant product placement and mockumentary.’
    • ‘However, after about five minutes of mockumentary footage, we move into the main story, and that's where things fall apart… fast.’