Meaning of modalism in English:


Pronunciation /ˈməʊd(ə)lɪz(ə)m/


mass noun
  • 1Theology
    The doctrine that the persons of the Trinity represent only three modes or aspects of the divine revelation, not distinct and coexisting parts of the divine nature.

    ‘He uses metaphors and illustrations that confuse the persons of the Trinity and describes God's being as changing, over time, from one divine person to another (an idea known as modalism or patripassionism).’
    • ‘It should be done, however, in a way that does not lead to modalism.’
    • ‘Or, to paraphrase what he was saying: this isn't about realism or anti-realism, it isn't about nominalism, nihilism, modalism, nor pluralism; it isn't about being a subjectivist or an objectivist.’
    • ‘According to modalism, God is one single entity, object, or substance, and each person of the Trinty is simply a mode or a ‘way in which the one divine substance manifests itself.’’
  • 2Music
    The use of modal melodies and harmonies.

    ‘The themes are more folk-influenced without being folky - the diatonicism and modalism of folk music, rather than actual tunes or attempts to write them.’
    • ‘When taken to America, however, the form was enhanced by an injection of the modalism of folksong.’