Meaning of modelling clay in English:

modelling clay


mass noun
  • Malleable clay used for making three-dimensional models.

    ‘bring your own drawing materials or modelling clay’
    • ‘The result is a relatively stable, solid explosive with a consistency similar to modelling clay.’
    • ‘In his workshop, the figure of a four-foot archer is disintegrating into pieces of modelling clay on the floor.’
    • ‘You may wish to add a small blob of modelling clay to help secure the mast.’
    • ‘Some students have been making wacky farmyard animals out of modelling clay, which will be out on display.’
    • ‘Zack and I spent last evening making modelling clay figures at the kitchen table.’
    • ‘Another boy worked with his grandma on a fish smoking shed, creating endless numbers of kippers out of modelling clay.’
    • ‘You will need: cocktail sticks, paper, sticky tape, felt-tipped pens, scissors and modelling clay (optional).’
    • ‘Equipped with a cine camera, modelling clay and a quiet working space you can produce your own animated films.’
    • ‘He began carving in wood and modelling clay at school and became the first student of sculpture at Leeds School of Art in 1919.’
    • ‘Becca was free to indulge her creativity, not only with the crayons and modelling clay that children are generally familiar with, but also with oil paints and canvas.’