Meaning of modern Greek in English:

modern Greek


mass noun
  • The form of the Greek language that is currently used, as opposed to ancient Greek.

    ‘I do speak and read modern Greek’
    • ‘Already fluent in Italian and ancient Greek, he mastered also modern Greek.’
    • ‘During the war he served in north Africa, Italy, and Macedonia, where he learned modern Greek.’
    • ‘In modern Greek, kairos means simply "weather ".’
    • ‘Dozens of theater companies in Athens, Thessaloniki, and other areas, perform contemporary works and ancient dramas in modern Greek.’
    • ‘In the intervening years, she had a career in academia, lecturing in ancient and modern Greek at both Oxford and Cambridge.’
    • ‘He has been teaching courses in modern Greek since 1986.’
    • ‘Dawkins was a great scholar of modern Greek language and literature.’
    • ‘His enduring achievement was his part in the re-establishment of modern Greek as a language of scholarship.’
    • ‘She is also learning modern Greek.’
    • ‘Euripides's drama was adapted into modern Greek by K. X. Myris.’