Meaning of molluscan in English:


Pronunciation /məˈlʌskən/


See mollusc

‘The adaptations of gastropods for drilling molluscan prey also increased during the Mesozoic and Cenozoic.’
  • ‘Four new molluscan species, a bivalve and three gastropods, are named from shallow-marine, lower Upper Cretaceous strata in Oregon.’
  • ‘Despite their antiquity, living terebratulids are advanced organisms, able to out-perform molluscan bivalves in filter feeding efficiency under certain conditions.’
  • ‘Even if detailed studies of molluscan anatomy were forthcoming, the shell of molluscs would be of little use in cladistic analysis because of rampant convergence.’
  • ‘Chemicals, usually in the form of short-chain fatty acids, or specific amino acids, which are released from the molluscan host, then attract the free-swimming miracidia.’