Meaning of mollydooker in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɒlɪˌduːkə/


informal Australian
  • A left-handed person.

    • ‘They eventually gave up trying to force Stokes to switch, and he would remain a 'mollydooker' for life.’
    • ‘Mr Quinn said there'd be no mollydookers in his class.’
    • ‘He is possibly, even probably, the best left-handed batsman Australia has had, and certainly the best of all the Victorian mollydookers.’
    • ‘He is rarely sighted after the first few rounds—opponents having lasted, collectively, only 69 rounds with the young "molly-dooker."’
    • ‘Harris, a left-hander, was one of the few "molly-dookers" bowling in the competition’


1940s from Molly (pet form of the given name Mary) or from the slang term mauley ‘hand’ + -dook representing a pronunciation of duke (sense 2 of the noun) + -er.