Meaning of mom jeans in English:

mom jeans

plural noun

(also mum jeans)
  • Women's jeans of a style regarded as unfashionable or unflattering.

    • ‘just because you're 40+, it doesn't mean you have to start walking around in mom jeans’
    • ‘She's worried that she's fat and she's never gonna fit into anything but mom jeans.’
    • ‘I finally got her out of her tapered-legged, too-short mom jeans.’
    • ‘Look closely and you can see his arm, but the rest of him has been cropped out in favor of Jessica and her dreadful mom jeans.’
    • ‘Though she's costumed in mom jeans and comfortable shoes, she's at her most thrilling.’
    • ‘We really don't want a return to mom jeans.’
    • ‘Don't expect to see her in the dreaded mom jeans anytime soon.’
    • ‘I have resigned myself to miserable shopping experiences picking through the plus size racks of hideously ugly mom jeans.’
    • ‘I weighed close to 200 pounds, and I was afraid I'd be wearing mom jeans for the rest of my life.’
    • ‘Showing some modicum of modesty, she paired the look with baggy mom jeans.’
    • ‘She may be a loving wife and mother but her matronly style of floral shirts and mom jeans is embarrassing her family.’
    • ‘Unfairly maligned as 'mum jeans', the boot cut is fighting back.’
    • ‘Patterned midrise jeggings are hardly 'mum jeans', they're bang on trend.’
    • ‘Waist bags aren't just meant to be paired with mum jeans and tourist t-shirts anymore.’
    • ‘Let's face it, if she looks bad in mum jeans, so will the rest of us.’
    • ‘When even mum jeans didn't fit me in a size bigger than my usual, I had little option but to cry myself thin in the changing rooms.’
    • ‘A woman in a leopard-print anorak and elastic-waisted mum jeans stepped through the door.’