Meaning of monaych in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɒnʌɪtʃ/


Australian treated as plural the monaych
  • (in Aboriginal English) the police.

    ‘I'm shuffling down the street, with an eye out for the monaych’
    • ‘Yeah, well, look out for the monaych, budda.’
    • ‘A beam of light flashed out. Monaych, cops, and instantly in a reflex action to authority, his head dropped. He waited for the worst.’
    • ‘Monaych come for him, with guns and all, and Jimmy's brother, Shaun, pulled a big machete on one cop so he went in for assault’
    • ‘The white characters are cast in an unfavourable light, from the drunken "john" that Myra almost picks up, through Milton's testy boss and the inhuman prison officials to the unfeeling police, or "Monaych"’
    • ‘I tried to find ya after but monaych pulled me and Tiny up, ya know.’


1960s from Nyungar (an Aboriginal language) manaj ‘cockatoo’, with the extended meaning ‘police officer’.