Meaning of money laundering in English:

money laundering

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mass noun
  • The concealment of the origins of illegally obtained money, typically by means of transfers involving foreign banks or legitimate businesses.

    ‘he was convicted of money laundering and tax evasion’
    • ‘Private banks sell secrecy to their clients, making them ideal for money laundering.’
    • ‘Combating money laundering is a costly exercise.’
    • ‘The bank officials involved in money laundering have backing from the highest levels of the banking institutions.’
    • ‘Money laundering cannot be seriously attacked without understanding its connection to organized crime.’
    • ‘Organized crime, drug trafficking and money laundering are not new in themselves.’
    • ‘To deter illegitimate businesses from capitalizing on these advantages, Belize imposes heavy fines and imprisonment for money laundering.’
    • ‘Here are some ideas for people working in the banking system and elsewhere on how to minimize the risk of being caught up in money laundering.’
    • ‘Is this a guy you would want running your highly profitable money laundering operation?’
    • ‘The government has fined the bank billions of dollars for not reporting suspicious activity, including money laundering.’
    • ‘These authorities say they want to combat money laundering.’
    • ‘He had already been convicted of threatening a police officer and faced fraud and money laundering charges.’
    • ‘He's facing charges of conspiracy and money laundering.’