Meaning of money shot in English:

money shot


  • 1 informal (in a pornographic film) a sequence in which an actor ejaculates.

    1. 1.1A crucial or climactic moment, especially of a film.
      ‘and now for the money shot: the Titanic shearing in half in the middle of a freezing ocean’
      • ‘the preview even shows the money shot of the spiders rampaging through the town’
      • ‘With millions of bucks on the line, photographers will stop at next to nothing to get the money shot.’
      • ‘For the movie understands that the spectacle is all about the money shot.’
      • ‘There was no money shot at any point in this regard.’
      • ‘The final episode is the "money shot," which covers the required topic of the King of the terrible lizards, Tyrannosaurus Rex.’
      • ‘Hence the money shot which in all films which are using spiders to shock (not just spider films) is the unknown encounter with a spider.’
      • ‘Maybe you're a unit photographer or you were in the right place at the right time and got the money shot.’
      • ‘The final showdown between Keanu Reeves' Neo and Hugo Weaving's Agent Smith should have been the money shot of the whole trilogy.’
      • ‘With installation complete I though I would give a money shot, and show the cable management inside.’
      • ‘When the big money shot in the movie leaves you strangely unmoved you know you have a problem.’
      • ‘Memo to museum fundraisers: there's your money shot.’
      • ‘It turns out, as the movie progresses, not to be the money shot at all.’
      • ‘Here's a huge summer movie and the director is essentially withholding the money shot.’
      • ‘"This is the money shot," he tells the crew.’
      • ‘Sure, you get to see some pretty okay Matrix-style stuff - though I swear, just about every money shot in the movie is in the commercial.’
      • ‘The money shot is a breathtaking Southwestern rockscape amid a tangle of colorful wildflowers, a scene worthy of mention in America the Beautiful.’
      • ‘There's no better action in sports than a run at a record (with Mark McGwire's 62nd home run serving as the ultimate money shot of our generation).’
      • ‘The TV crews were doing their best, swarming around the interesting sections: the river paddling, the moonscape scree fields, and the huge rappel on Bridal Veil Falls - the race's money shot.’
      • ‘Jonah and I were tweaking the crater scene (2nd to last, an emotional money shot), and he wanted to cut away to a wide landscape shot for a bit during the caretaker's explanation of the crater.’
      • ‘It's because of this that I use Rear Window, especially the scene culminating in my personal 'money shot', whenever I teach introductory film theory.’
      • ‘After a couple of hours, I got my "money shot" - an adult brown pelican in full profile, sitting calmly on a wood post, looking almost like a saucer with a head on it.’