Meaning of monobrow in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɒnə(ʊ)braʊ/


  • A pair of eyebrows that meet above the nose, giving the appearance of a single eyebrow.

    • ‘his wealth and cool outweigh his potato head and monobrow’
    • ‘She does have a mustache and a monobrow, but the main thing is how irritatingly she begs for love.’
    • ‘But then I realised that he too had a monobrow, and was getting a bit fancy with his facial hair.’
    • ‘One of them, a large man with a monobrow, hugged me and told me how much he loved our president.’
    • ‘He was unshaven, with a monobrow, red cheeks and a pale face and wore a red shirt, a fleece and dark trousers.’
    • ‘They also seemed weirdly ambisexual: at least one seemed to sport eye makeup and extravagantly long lower lashes; another had a monobrow along with bouncy-looking, well-brushed hair.’
    • ‘Infamous for his distinct monobrow, he is now visible on the left hand side of the mount, alongside his brother Spizz who always rode shot gun.’
    • ‘And now hear this: Hayek, even with monobrow, is stunning.’
    • ‘Beware kids, that guy's got an inch high monobrow.’
    • ‘Who knows which expletives he is muttering beneath his vast, furrowed monobrow!’