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Pronunciation /məˈnɒpəlʌɪz/

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(also British monopolise)
[with object]
  • 1(of an organization or group) obtain exclusive possession or control of (a trade, commodity, or service)

    ‘they instituted press censorship and monopolized the means of communication’
    • ‘That's free enterprise, not a violation of antitrust law, which is defined as a group monopolizing trade or commerce through unreasonable methods.’
    • ‘Company ships armed to fight pirates also defeated trading rivals and monopolized foreign trade.’
    • ‘This will contain sworn affidavits from a number of the country's largest cement wholesalers claiming that a small group of cement groups monopolises the Mexican market.’
    • ‘The resilience of its merchant groups in deflecting the European efforts at monopolizing the carrying trade in the Indian Ocean was impressive.’
    • ‘It is perfectly true that an individual firm, or even several firms, can increase profits by monopolizing their product markets and lifting the price.’
    • ‘It is our belief that a universal standard for digital music recognition is simply too important and valuable to all online music services to be monopolized by any one company.’
    • ‘A decade ago the Voter News Service was formed to monopolize the exit-poll business and make it harder for any one network to get the story first.’
    • ‘The joint operation had been aimed at a triad gang faction which was thought to be monopolising the illicit fuel trade.’
    • ‘The migrants monopolise the handicrafts trade at Papua's largest art market in Hamadi, outside Jayapura.’
    • ‘Chemical processing sectors related to state security and with a strategic importance such as rubber should be controlled or even monopolized by the state.’
    • ‘The Trade Bureau monopolized the procurement, sale and export of industrial and agricultural products.’
    • ‘There appears to be a consensus that seeking to monopolise another's trade mark and other unfair practices would render an application invalid for bad faith.’
    • ‘These companies may, and have, found ways to monopolise the market and control the way that the food is produced right along the production chain.’
    • ‘In the 17th century, this region was one of the many targets of the Dutch trading company in its bid to take over and monopolize trading.’
    • ‘What tends to happen oftentimes in commodity money systems is that states began to monopolize the production of the commodity money.’
    • ‘In fact the profitable spice trade, monopolized by the Dutch, was the reason for the establishment of the company.’
    • ‘And this trade was for a long time monopolized by Shanxi merchants.’
    • ‘The funds also come from cooperatives which monopolize the distribution of fuel and other (services).’
    • ‘Grain trading and livestock production in the US is monopolized by two of the world's largest grain traders.’
    • ‘Private biotechnology companies that hold certain patents can monopolize certain gene tech markets.’
    corner, control, take over, gain control over, gain dominance over, have exclusive rights in, have sole rights in, exercise a monopoly over
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    1. 1.1Have or take the greatest share of.
      ‘the bigger clubs monopolize the most profitable sponsorships and TV deals’
      • ‘A tiny fraction of the population monopolizes the lion's share of the resources that have been produced by the labor of the entire working population.’
      • ‘Ultimately, a state of affairs in which the top 10 percent monopolize the lion's share of society's resources is incompatible with democratic forms of rule.’
      • ‘With the two clubs monopolising the show in respective sections, the remaining participants had to rummage for the second best slots available.’
      • ‘Three Michelin teams monopolised the top five positions on two different types of tyre - and four of our partners scored points.’
      • ‘He also pointed to the enormous profits being monopolized by the wealthiest income-earners and largest corporations in the US.’
      • ‘Trained raters logged how much husbands displayed hostility or dominance - frequently complaining, for example, or monopolizing the discussion.’
      • ‘If a dominant individual is able to monopolize the resources, it may instead be the subordinate individual that is forced to be innovative and bold.’
      • ‘Until almost the end of this period Rome was a republic dominated by an aristocracy that monopolised political office and military command.’
      • ‘Any talk about the group monopolising power is utter nonsense.’
      • ‘The mismatch of pace and power allowed the home team to monopolise possession, which they used to good effect.’
      • ‘The war was also fought under army command, with that service largely monopolizing the ground war and delegating a peripheral role to the Marines.’
      • ‘Kirkby began to monopolise possession and territory and earned two medium-range penalties but neither went over in the windy conditions.’
      • ‘Those incidents provided welcome relief from a turgid second period that saw Dunfermline monopolise possession, but rarely convince anyone they knew what to do with it.’
      • ‘At this stage, as Hawks monopolised possession, their fans were calling for the ball to go wide.’
      • ‘By virtue of its ownership and control of society's resources, a privileged elite monopolizes political power.’
      • ‘In both rural and urban areas, men monopolize the job market.’
      • ‘Over much of the graph, the capacity of aggressive dominants to monopolize the better habitats is limited.’
      • ‘The Interior Minister promised that his group would not monopolize power and signaled a willingness to show flexibility.’
      • ‘There is an increased likelihood of competition for prey with subordinate animals likely suffering more than dominant bears that can confiscate or monopolize prey.’
      • ‘When food is clumped, dominant foragers can apparently monopolize food with few interactions.’
      • ‘Aggressive clan warlords monopolized political power by controlling food distribution, coercing followers through the delivery or denial of food.’
      • ‘A common sight during the tourist season is the large group of tourists monopolising the entire bar counter.’
      • ‘We ask correspondents to limit their letters to 300 words in the interest of not monopolizing space in the magazine.’
      • ‘It is entirely incompatible with the domination of unaccountable private companies that seek to monopolise knowledge in the interests of their own profits.’
      • ‘He would not ask for, nor accept, anything more than a one-rupee coin, as he did not want big-money interests to monopolize the temple.’
      dominate, take over, not let anyone else take part in
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    2. 1.2Get or keep exclusively to oneself.
      ‘Sophie monopolized the guest of honour for most of the evening’
      • ‘It annoyed him to no end when I would do that, as he had now come to exclusively monopolize my time.’
      • ‘He suggested that football could be ruined, for many, if a small group of clubs monopolised all the talent.’
      • ‘Therefore, parasite chicks are reared alone, monopolizing all parental care from their host parents.’
      • ‘Marlowe and Shakespeare dominated late Elizabethan drama, although they did not monopolize it.’
      • ‘Another candidate that I interviewed said the party had turned in to a Dacca Club, or an institution monopolised by the rich.’
      • ‘Dominant individuals may benefit by monopolizing areas closer to the breeding grounds, thereby lowering ‘migration costs’.’
      • ‘The Montreal Canadiens became like any other NHL team and were no longer able to effectively monopolize the top-quality French Canadian talent entering the NHL.’
      take up all the attention of, keep to oneself, have all to oneself, not allow to associate with others
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