Meaning of monosynaptic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmɒnə(ʊ)sɪˈnaptɪk/


  • (of a reflex pathway) involving a single synapse.

    ‘In wild type, this response is via a monosynaptic pathway and has a characteristically short latency that is stable at high frequencies of stimulation.’
    • ‘The latency of the first potential was around 5 msec and was considered as monosynaptic reflex.’
    • ‘These include not only reciprocal inhibitory connections between the interneuron groups, but also monosynaptic inputs to swim motoneurons.’
    • ‘The key to making the discovery was the development of new techniques that allow monosynaptic connections between pairs of cells to be examined with dual intracellular recordings.’
    • ‘In blowflies, a subset of these sensors make strong monosynaptic connections with the motor neurons of steering muscles.’