Meaning of monotone in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɒnətəʊn/

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usually in singular
  • A continuing sound, especially of a person's voice, that is unchanging in pitch and without intonation.

    ‘he sat and answered the questions in a monotone’
    • ‘His narration - delivered in a monotone from the first frame - holds you in thrall through all the twists, surprises and ironies of the plot, all skilfully handled, I thought.’
    • ‘Not looking in any way alarmed or surprised, he asked me in a monotone: ‘Do you want to file a report with the campus police?’’
    • ‘The only problem was that the priest delivered the liturgy in a monotone.’
    • ‘‘So this is about jealousy,’ Devon said in a monotone.’
    • ‘‘There's no going back, you know,’ Bela said in a monotone.’
    • ‘An officer from his section stood outside his door, staring ahead sightlessly, opening his mouth to recite a message in a monotone.’
    • ‘If yes, did that person smile warmly or speak in a monotone?’
    • ‘He reached his wife, Emily, and told her the news in a monotone.’
    • ‘It's like sitting around a campfire, listening to someone tell a ghost story in a monotone.’
    • ‘The anchor is a dour and dandyish aristocrat in a bow tie who reads the official version of the news in a monotone.’
    • ‘Your presentation may then be prefaced by the chairman reading out your whole boring life story in a monotone.’
    • ‘Is your voice expressive or do you speak in a monotone?’
    • ‘Storm noticed some more things changed about her; a more relaxed tone in her voice, not as much of the expressionless monotones that had been there before.’
    • ‘Nora steps closer and continues in the same monotone.’
    • ‘They sat there repeating the Master's mantras in a monotone.’
    • ‘The singer's voice remains a sulky monotone throughout, never sounding remotely genuine, just hopelessly indifferent.’
    • ‘Swallowing hard, the ashen-faced girl continued, her ‘composed’ voice merely an emotionless monotone.’
    • ‘Despite the inescapable monotone of his voice, he managed to embrace virtually all kinds of music.’
    • ‘His dull monotone had almost made her turn out of the door, how could someone with such a dull voice be a band director?’
    • ‘In dull monotone, he repeated, ‘to the left,’ the violent emotion disappearing from him as quickly as it had appeared.’


  • 1(of a voice or other sound) unchanging in pitch; without intonation or expressiveness.

    ‘his monotone reading of the two-hour report’
    • ‘Its normally monotone voice sounded distant and weak.’
    • ‘A loud bell sounded and then a monotone voice announced there was an assembly in the theater.’
    • ‘His voice was monotone and his expression blank.’
    • ‘‘I now pronounce you husband and wife,’ the minister droned in a monotone voice.’
    • ‘He sighed heavily, listening to his father's monotone voice drone on and on about what he needed to do.’
    • ‘He continued to drone on in his monotone voice.’
    • ‘‘Welcome,’ a monotone voice echoed through the darkness.’
    • ‘The P.A. system clicks on and a woman's monotone voice tells us that she will be announcing the first panel of the day.’
    • ‘Suddenly, her monotone voice shows some emotion.’
    • ‘She appears gaunt, pale, her eyes deep set and dark, answering in almost a monotone voice.’
    • ‘He listened and heard the familiar and comforting monotone sound of the dial tone.’
    • ‘The monotone voice from the speakers echoed across the field.’
    • ‘‘That's what I thought,’ Ally replied in a lifeless, monotone voice.’
    • ‘You have done all you can, and I assure you that help is on the way,’ said the irritatingly monotone voice on the other end.’
    • ‘‘Supper will be ready soon,’ said the flat, monotone voice that belonged to Angelica's mother, and she was out the door.’
    • ‘His voice was as monotone as he could possibly make it.’
    • ‘‘It's not,’ he said in a monotone voice, causing a pain in my heart that I had never thought I would feel with him.’
    • ‘‘That depends,’ she said in a monotone voice, looking very bored.’
    • ‘It had broken to life, displaying a single image and repeating its monotone alarm.’
    • ‘After about five minutes, he waved his hand in front of Hannah's eyes again, and got the same monotone response, ‘Just one moment.’’
    chanting, chantlike
    1. 1.1Without colour or variety; dull.
      ‘the monotone housing estates of the big cities’
      • ‘He despised the dull monotone hum of life in the small town of Spring Valley, now at least a few miles behind him.’


Mid 17th century from modern Latin monotonus, from late Greek monotonos.