Meaning of Monsignor in English:


nounplural noun Monsignors, plural noun Monsignori/ˌmɒnsiːˈnjɔːri/

  • The title of various senior Roman Catholic posts, such as a prelate or an officer of the papal court.

    ‘The Air Force's most senior Catholic chaplain has been notified through the office of Pope John Paul II that he has been appointed a Prelate of Honour with the title Monsignor.’
    • ‘The head of Colombia's Roman Catholic Church, Monsignor Alberto Giraldo, was not sure.’
    • ‘The Foreign Office have heard this from the Monsignor and we are obviously just waiting and hoping.’
    • ‘Crowds gathered at the Basilica, where the late Monsignor addressed many pilgrims during his 16 years as Parish Priest in the holy village, on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning last.’
    • ‘The Monsignor even knew how to read a few hieroglyphs, and that's where I first developed an interest in them.’
    • ‘The Monsignor recently had to suffer the indignity of someone questioning his academic qualifications - which it turned out he didn't actually possess - which just shows you the type of thing our public figures have to put up with.’
    • ‘The biggest trauma in the Monsignor's life came in 1983 when he was abruptly transferred from his position as President of Clonliffe College to Terenure.’
    • ‘The Monsignor, who's also known as Father Vlad, instigated the Westminster pilgrimage in 1987 at the request of the late Cardinal Basil Hume.’
    • ‘If he lied about the Monsignor he was making a grave error.’
    • ‘The Monsignor was ordained a priest on June 20, 1954, at Maynooth College.’
    • ‘He had just been made a Monsignor and I went over to congratulate him.’
    • ‘Cappo was anointed chairman of the government's Social Inclusion Board in 2002, the same year in which Pope John Paul II gave him the title of Monsignor.’
    • ‘Monsignor Lynn has succeeded Monsignor Patrick Gallagher as Vicar General of the Diocese.’
    • ‘But certainly in my own life, I remember when I was at school this Monsignor came around talking to the boys about becoming a diocesan priest, and he spoke to the class, and then if you were interested, you could go and speak to him privately.’
    • ‘The lifeboat, with Monsignor Ó Fionnachta on board, took up a central position at the harbour mouth and each following boat rounded the lifeboat from which they received an individual blessing.’
    • ‘The event will be an occasion to thank Monsignor for all his hard work over the years and to also celebrate his 45th Anniversary of his ordination.’



/mɒnˈsiːnjə/ /ˌmɒnsiːˈnjɔː/


Italian, on the pattern of French Monseigneur.