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Pronunciation /mɒnˈsuːn/

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  • 1A seasonal prevailing wind in the region of South and SE Asia, blowing from the south-west between May and September and bringing rain (the wet monsoon), or from the north-east between October and April (the dry monsoon).

    ‘This creates winds that generally blow from the southwest during the summer monsoon and from the northeast from October to April.’
    • ‘The south-west monsoon from May to October brings heavy rain and heavy seas and can restrict diving.’
    • ‘Besides, both north-east and south-west monsoons have a higher level of rainfall which may discourage farmers from applying more fertilisers.’
    • ‘But those states were spared when record-breaking monsoons brought heavy summer rains instead of the fierce fires officials had expected.’
    • ‘The other good news is that the northerly monsoons have arrived in the Gulf, blowing steadily from north-west veering north-east.’
    • ‘And it points out that the cyclones and monsoons that already bring such damage to the area could become even more frequent and intense.’
    • ‘Malaysia's climate is tropical, with monsoons bringing an average annual rainfall of about 95 inches.’
    • ‘The large area involved and the grand scale of the weather within monsoon climates suggest that monsoons play a significant role in the management of the global climate.’
    • ‘May to September brings the cooler and drier south-east monsoon, with strong winds and high seas in July and August.’
    • ‘The result was a globally arid and dry climate, though regions near the coast most likely experienced seasonal monsoons.’
    • ‘However, the monsoon is no season to lounge on the cosy sands beside the lapping waves.’
    • ‘Many of them had seen tents go to other villages and thought that this would be the best thing to see them through the summer and the monsoon.’
    • ‘On another note, all elections should be held only after the monsoons, and after all the candidates have been forced to walk on foot through the city during the rains.’
    • ‘April through mid-November is the dry season, while December through March is the monsoon.’
    • ‘Make sure you have spent enough time in the country to familiarise yourself with the different seasons - sunshine is one matter but monsoons are another.’
    • ‘Transplanting of nearly 15-month-old nursery seedlings is done during next monsoons or following winter.’
    • ‘The period of the southwest monsoon (June to September) is usually the driest.’
    • ‘The northeast monsoon, which brings us most of our water, has set in.’
    • ‘We get only very little rain during the South West monsoon.’
    • ‘The monsoon trough is a broad area of low atmospheric pressure running east-west through the tropics in the summer months.’
    tempest, squall
    1. 1.1The rainy season accompanying the wet monsoon.
      ‘So it's been a long summer, a long hot summer, and once the hot season ends then the monsoon is just now come.’
      • ‘Following the dry season, the monsoons hit the community in full force; several people drowned, trapped in the city's storm water runoff channels.’
      • ‘India's dramatic seasons of drought and monsoon can destroy everything a person owns.’
      • ‘This time of year, the rice was planted, and it was up for the summer monsoons to finish the job.’
      • ‘Appropriate food as it was the day that the monsoon finally arrived in Delhi and you know how hungry rainy weather makes you.’
      • ‘As the monsoons fade and the dry seasons take over, this year particularly there is widespread fear and uncertainty about the future.’
      • ‘In other parts of the world, there are summer rain, spring rain, monsoons and April showers that bring May flowers.’
      • ‘In sub-Saharan Africa rain comes in monsoons, which are large storms that dump a large amount of rain.’
      • ‘The village waits for the monsoons to come and rain on its crops, but the ground remains dry and infertile.’
      • ‘The Himalayan Range is the major cause of the summer monsoon rains.’
      • ‘The delayed monsoon had affected all crops adversely.’
      • ‘His voice reminds you of the long awaited monsoon showers caressing the parched earth.’
      • ‘The monsoon showers are here again to swathe the State in a watery blanket.’
      • ‘The tree planting spree has started and monsoon rainfall will sustain it.’


Late 16th century from Portuguese monção, from Arabic mawsim ‘season’, from wasama ‘to mark, brand’.